Mechanical Torque Limiter Brakes

Torque Limiters

Carlyle Johnson's mechanical torque limiter brakes provide protection against overloads while sustaining torque, so that shutdown and restart is not required. Acting like a torsion shock absorber to permit "slip" if the torque exceeds an adjustable pre-set level, these torque limiter brake units are used in any application where obstructions can cause overloads, or where production is sensitive to over-tensioning.

The TL1, TL2 and TL3 model multiple disc mechanical torque limiter brakes are often utilized in applications such as machine tools, conveyor systems, off-highway mobile equipment, in textile or paper mills.

CJM engineers can design and produce a custom mechanical torque limiter brake to meet your exact needs, and we can alter our standard products to achieve your requirements. Our engineering department is ready for your toughest power transmission challenge.

Features of Multiple Disc Mechanical Torque Limiter Brake Units

Depending on size, CJM mechanical torque limiter brakes are adjustable over a wide torque range from 1lb.ft. to 2000 lb. ft. Small space-saver sizes - from 2-3/16" to 8-5/8" O.D. - and high torque potential make these torque limiters the the best possible choice for applications where obstructions can cause temporary overloads or where over-tensioning is a problem.

Unlike our overload release clutches, which automatically cut the torque from full to zero, our Torque Limiter Brakes act as a torsion shock absorber to permit "slip" if torque exceeds an adjustable pre-set level. CJM multiple disc mechanical torque limiter brakes are available in multiple models.

  • TL1 / Type 1
    A highly versatile torque limiting device, the TL1 torque limiter brake unit is compatible with our standard internal flange type driving cup. (Drive cup is sold separately.)

  • TL2 / Type 2
    A cut-off coupling designed to join two shafts, the TL2 torque limiter brake unit transits torque from one shaft to the other.

  • TL3 / Type 3
    A sprocket drive, the TL3 torque limiter brake unit typically mounts on motor shaft as an integral part of the drive mechanism.

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Overview - Multiple Disc Mechanical Torque Limiters


  • Sustains torque level
  • Durable
  • High torque in a small size
  • Predictable dynamic and static torque
  • Easily adjustable over a wide range
  • Superior adjustment retention
  • Designed for easy rebuilt with no special tools required
  • Steel-on-bronze friction discs provide longer life than fiber discs


  • Torque range 1 lb. ft.- 2000 lb. ft.
  • Can be pre-set to transmit torque constantly regardless of the speed of the drive mechanism
  • Adjusting nut on end of hub regulates spring pressure against multiple steel-on-bronze friction disc assembly


  • Multiple sizes from 2-3/16" to 8 5/8" O.D.
  • Internal Flange Drive Cup sold separately
  • Custom designs and alterations available


  • Machine tools
  • Conveyor systems
  • Off-highway mobile equipment
  • In textile or paper mills

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