Single Disc Spring Set Brakes (SAB)

SAB Spring Set Brake

Carlyle Johnson's MAXITORQ® single disc electric spring set brakes are designed for many industrial brake applications, including for use as holding brakes or for infrequent emergency stops. Braking torque is applied when electrical power is removed from the brake coil. This can occur intentionally or when there is a power failure.

Power removal releases the armature, allowing springs to clamp a friction disc between the brake armature and the end cap, providing braking torque to the shaft where the friction disc is connected. To release the brake, power is applied to the coil.

This produces a magnetic field
 which pulls the armature away from the friction disc and removes the braking torque.

Carlyle Johnson Machine Company can modify our standard commercial and industrial brake products, offering custom units previously designed by our own engineering staff. We can also custom design and develop a new product to meet your specific needs. Contact our engineering staff with your specific requirements.

Features of SAB Spring Set Brake Units

The SAB single disc industrial brake features a protective sleeve, which prevents wear particles from falling into the brake, including dirt, when used in a dusty environment.

The component's air gap is set at the factory, and requires no customer adjustment. Standard electric single disc spring set brakes are available in 24 or 90 volt options, though we can custom-produce any brake to meet your exact needs.

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Overview - Model SAB Single Disc Spring Set Brakes


  • Long-life friction material
  • Factory set air-gap needs no adjustment
  • Excellent torque-to-size ratio
  • Excellent repeatability


  • Torque range 10 oz. in. - 250 lb. in.
  • Power-off design (electrically released)
  • Low inertia
  • Minimum zero backlash


  • Available in zero backlash models
  • Available with special friction materials
  • Custom designs and alterations available

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