Multiple Disc
Air / Hydraulic Spring Set Brakes (AFS)

Air Spring Set Brakes

Carlyle Johnson's AFS model multiple disc air / hydraulic spring set brakes are designed for use as holding brakes, medium duty starting and stopping brakes and for emergency stopping. Typical applications include medical diagnostic equipment, parts handling equipment, holding brakes in servo drives and robotic mechanisms, emergency stopping brakes on power generation equipment, parking brakes on mobile and military equipment.

Braking torque is applied when the air or hydraulic pressure is removed from the piston chamber. This can occur intentionally or when there is a loss of pressure.

Removing pressure from the piston chamber allows the compression springs to clamp the multiple friction discs between the pressure plate and the stationary end plate, which results in a consistent holding force. To release the brake, air / hydraulic pressure is applied and the brake is free to rotate.

Our engineering department can alter our standard AFS model brakes, or custom design any clutch or brake component, to meet your needs.

Features of AFS Hydraulic / Air Brakes

CJM's multiple disc air / hydraulic AFS model brakes are designed for fast and reliable action. When disengaged the multiple friction discs are uniformly spaced by a unique separator spring design, which ensures separation of the rotating friction discs, regardless of the orientation of the brake. This virtually eliminates parasitic drag, which is detrimental to brake life, and also assists in reducing brake disengagement times.

In addition to our standard line of multiple disc brakes, we can produce custom brakes with torque capabilities up to 3200 lb. ft. A significant portion of Carlyle Johnson's production is directed to user-specific requirements, including application of AFS brakes for frequent, high-energy stops, or for extremely fast or slow braking applications.

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Overview - AFS Spring Set Brakes


  • Highest torque in the smallest space
  • Low inertia
  • Fast, reliable, positive braking action


  • Torque range 15 lb. ft. to 1000 lb. ft.
  • Wet or dry application
  • Power off design (spring applied, air / hydraulically released)
  • Virtually drag-free neutral, regardless of brake orientation
  • Universal floating hub for interior or exterior shaft attachment


  • Low backlash models available
  • Available with optional cover for harsh environments
  • Custom designs and alterations available


  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Parts handling equipment
  • Robotic and servo drive holding brakes
  • Emergency stopping brakes on power generation equipment
  • Mobile and military parking brakes

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