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The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is one of the industry's most respected clutch and brake manufacturers. We have been supplying military components since before WWII and have produced thousands of parts and systems for land, sea and air-based military operations.

We manufacture rugged, dependable parts that have been used in military applications including land vehicles, aircraft equipment, naval ships and submarines. In addition, we recently produced a variety of components for unmanned "drone" air vehicles and deep-sea submersible devices. Our experienced staff is ready to provide design assistance, custom-engineered solutions and manufacturing expertise to meet your exact needs.


At CJM we leverage the latest materials, manufacturing technologies and engineering techniques to produce state-of-the-art clutches and brakes. We understand the critical operations of our clutches and brakes in military machinery, and work to deliver performance and dependability at the best possible price.

CJM's military components meet precise safety and environmental requirements and adhere to some of the industry's highest quality and operational specifications. With more than one hundred years in business and some of the industry's most skilled engineers, we can provide design recommendations and manufacture parts that comply with the military regulations and certifications you need – from ISO, AS, MIL and ASTM standards to First Article testing and approval.


Military applications often have unique operational challenges depending on their installation and project specifications. Some military clutches and brakes must withstand extreme temperature variations, forces and pressures. In other applications, long life span and easy on-field maintenance are extremely important.

From a marine brake that must operate in sub-zero water to a military clutch that must accurately perform in hot desert conditions, our parts have proven reliable in a variety of harsh environments.


CJM is recognized for our leading power transmission solutions. Customers often come to us with challenges that other clutch and brake manufacturers simply can't solve. From azimuth and elevation holding brakes for weapon systems to power take-off shafts and bi-directional one-way clutches, we can provide a solution for your needs.

Our engineers can also design and develop a completely new system to meet your application. We provide advice and insight, often working directly with military personnel, government agencies and supplier engineering departments to develop solutions for complex applications.

With a dedicated and talented engineering team, Carlyle Johnson works to ensure our military parts are of the highest quality and meet your order specifications. All of our clutch and brake parts can be altered or modified, or we can custom design a component for your application. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you.

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We are capable of providing clutch and brake components for virtually any application.


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