Multiple Disc Air Clutch Units (AHA)

AHA Air Clutch

Carlyle Johnson's AHA model hydraulic / air spring set multiple disc clutches deliver more than ten times the torque of single disc air clutch units of the same actuation and package size.

Featuring our patented floating disc principle, separator springs are utilized between air clutch discs, assuring fast disengagement with minimal drag, and minimal resultant heat when in neutral. Hardened steel inner friction discs are splined to the body for proper lug-load distribution. These discs operate against bronze-faced steel outer discs, providing long wear and smooth operation.

Our engineering department is available to assist you with your multiple disc air clutch component. We can modify our standard AHA model air clutches to meet your needs, or custom design and manufacturing an air clutch to your exact specifications and operating requirements.

Features of the AHA Air Clutch

CJM's multiple disc hydraulic / air clutches are produced with a minimum of moving parts, which allows for quick and simple installation. A stationary cylinder assembly is mounted on deep-groove ball bearings to accommodate thrust loads, with quad-ring seals that assure maximum performance without leaking air or hydraulic fluid. Ample-sized ports and passages also provide fast piston action.

AHA model multiple disc air clutches can be operated either dry or in oil. For wet applications (including oil mist, spray, splash or bath) the air clutch should be ordered without bearing shields. For dry applications AHA air clutch models are typically furnished with permanently lubricated ball bearings.

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Overview - Model AHA
Hydraulic / Air Clutches


  • Highest torque in the smallest space
  • Long life floating discs for low heat and extremely low neutral drag
  • No special tools required for repair or installation of component
  • Self-adjusting for wear


  • Torque range 30 lb. ft.- 1,200 lb. ft.
  • Wet or dry application
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Stationary cylinder assembly
  • No levers, cams, or highly stressed parts


  • Custom designs and alterations available

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