Upgrades and Retrofits of Industrial
Clutch & Brake Products

Industrial Clutch & Brake Upgrades & Retrofits

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company offers upgrade and retrofit services for existing industrial clutch and brake parts of its manufacture. These efforts allow customers to modify existing units, which is often more cost effective then the investment is a completely new clutch, brake or power transmission.

CJM has over 100 years of experience in the industrial clutch and brake industry, and has upgraded and replaced many field units. Our engineering department is ready to assist with any complex design or upgrade challenges, and we will work to ensure you get the part you need.

Industrial Clutch & Brake Upgrade Procedures

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company offers upgrades and retrofits to existing CJM units. Customers rely on us to be their trusted source for quality industrial clutch and brake products, and for advice on costs and applications.

To ensure maximum efficiency, our standard products are periodically upgraded and improved. Older versions are made available for service in replacing obsolete designs. As well, new designs can be implemented as direct replacements of competitors' parts.

Often customers request we change the mode of actuation, such as replacing a mechanical industrial clutch with an electric clutch with refurbished machine tools.


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Submission Process

Industrial Clutch / Brake Upgrades

If you have an industrial clutch, brake or power transmission you would like to send to The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company for service, please call our maintenance department first to alert them of the request.

  • Maintenance: 860-643-1531 ext 116

Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Service needed
  • Urgency of your requirement

We will provide you with:

  • An evaluation of fees
  • Estimated repair time
  • Any other estimated costs that may apply
  • Returned Goods Authorization (RMA) for warranty items or a Repair Authorization (RPR) for non-warranty items

When shipping your parts, please note the RMA or RPR on the shipping label.

Ship your component to:

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company
291 Boston Turnpike
Bolton, CT 06043
Ref.   ______________
RMA#   ____________
Ref. RPR#   _________

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