Industrial Clutch & Brake Applications

custom indusrial brakes & clutches

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is the world leader in solving unique clutch and brake problems since 1903. Carlyle Johnson is a full service company with full design, development and production capabilities. We can develop custom solutions, produce three dimensional models for your review, produce prototypes for you to try or for us to test and ultimately meet your production needs in one of our manufacturing facilities. All this is accomplished through the highly skilled technical employees at our facilities.

Full In-House Capabilities

We have full manufacturing capabilities in house and this allows us to meet your demanding time requirements. Our standard brakes and clutches are continually changing to meet the needs of the evolving motion control market. We have smart brakes that know when they are worn, how worn they are and when they need to be replaced. We can constantly dissipate 70 HP of power through a 6 inch diameter clutch in the battle field or hold a robotic arm in place, during surgery, with virtually zero backlash.

We offer a large range of custom/special clutches and brakes for specific market segments such as medical, aerospace, packaging, military, power generation, elevator, oil exploration just to name a few. Each of these market segments has its specific challenges and Carlyle Johnson is the leader in developing the solutions. This may involve operating clutches on the sea floor bed to control motion on robotic drives by incorporating pressure equalization or capturing flywheels spinning in a space center rotation at 70,000 rpm.

Technological Forefront

Carlyle Johnson has led the technological forefront in clutches and brakes from the ocean floor to the mars rover and beyond. This experience is available for us to apply to your specific application. Simply contact us and we will assist you in solving your toughest engineering challenges. We are an engineer-owned and managed company with a long history of solving problems associated with starting, stopping and holding your equipment in the manner you so desire.

Carlyle Johnson – providing the world with advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches and brakes for over a century.

CJM Industrial Clutch
and Brake Applications

We are capable of providing clutch and brake components for virtually any application.


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