Industrial Custom Engineered Clutches, Brakes
& Power Transmission Designs

Custom Industrial Brakes and Clutches

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is a leader in the production of industrial custom engineered clutches, brakes, and power transmission products. We've built our organization to assist our customers with virtually all of their clutch and brake needs.

We Manufacture:
A standard line of industrial brakes and clutches that meet many applications
A wide variety of special clutches and brakes developed specifically for a market segment
Custom-designed and developed clutches and brakes for customer-specific requirements

CJM offers a full-time engineering department to assist customers with the custom design, development and production of custom engineeered clutches and brake components. We can also produce prototypes and provide testing for any power transmission products we produce.

Custom Designs & Product Modification

Carlyle Johnson offers an extensive line of standard clutches and brakes, though we also offer a much greater selection of special products beyond that listed in our catalog. Our engineers can design a new and completely unique product to meet your application and operational requirements, and we can also modify an existing design to fit your needs.

Often, as part of the custom-design process, CJM produces brake and clutch prototypes for our customers. These units are produced in a timely manner, and help to ensure products will operate exactly as expected.

Contact Us About Our Leadership in Custom Engineered Clutches and Brakes

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company takes pride in our engineering expertise. If you are looking for industrial custom engineered clutches, brakes or power transmission products there is a good chance that we produce the part you need, and if not, we have the technical capabilities to develop it. Fill out the form on this page or connect with our experts about your product needs today.

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