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The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is a leading aerospace brake and clutch manufacturer. Our parts have been used in a wide variety of military and commercial applications, including helicopters, spacecraft and drones. From prototypes for a NASA spacecraft that operated in deep space to a custom airplane brake system used on military jets, CJM has solved the aerospace industry's toughest clutch and brake challenges.

With aerospace and aircraft designs, cost and weight are key considerations. Our engineers are ready to work with you to develop a brake, clutch or power transmission solution that provides the greatest torque in the smallest and lightest package and at the best price possible.


Aerospace applications present challenging and diverse operational demands – with huge temperature variables, pressure extremes and extraordinary forces applied to clutches and brakes.

From airplane braking systems that must reliably perform on a hot desert tarmac to power actuator systems that must operate in the sub-zero, icy conditions of high altitudes, CJM combines engineering expertise with state-of-the-art production technology to deliver dependable performance.


While we produce a variety of components for a wide range of aerospace applications, CJM has developed many airplane brake systems. With an experienced team and years of clutch and brake expertise, we can review your specifications, provide advice, and suggest ideas for both total system designs as well as specific components to best suit your application.

Our airplane brakes must often meet strict safety and environmental requirements, and we can customize our clutch and brake components for your installation. For both commercial and military applications, we are ready to provide reliable design support and manufacturing solutions to satisfy your unique needs.


Custom Industrial Brakes and Clutches

CJM is committed to excellence and proudly maintains some of the industry's most rigorous certifications and standards. We proudly operate with ISO-certified and AS9100C certified systems.

Many of our aerospace parts have also received CSA certification. Our familiarity with CSA requirements and the CSA submission and approval process enables us to design and manufacture parts that can comply with the standards and certifications you require.


With an array of customized components, CJM helps our customers solve their most complex aerospace brake, clutch and power transmission problems. Our team can collaborate with your engineering department on custom solutions and produce models and test prototypes for your evaluation.

CJM's diverse capabilities enable us to work on multi-team projects and handle elaborate workflows, all while exceeding your expectations. To find out how we can meet your unique aerospace and airplane brake, clutch and power transmission needs, simply contact us.

CJM Industrial Clutch
and Brake Applications

We are capable of providing clutch and brake components for virtually any application.


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