Power Transmission Products
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Maintenance & Repair of Power Transmission Products

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company offers maintenance, repair and overhaul services on all its clutches, brakes and power transmission products. Our full-time staff of trained service technicians will evaluate your component and recommend a plan of repair or maintenance.

Our services include the repair of your part, and frequently the replacement of worn and damaged mechanisms with new assemblies. This work, and any overhaul tasks, are approved and completed per customer direction.

When completed, CJM will ship your repaired clutch or brake in like-new operating condition. If your component can't be repaired and is under warranty, or should you choose to purchase a new unit, we will ship replacement power transmission products from the factory.

Clutch & Brake Maintenance Procedures

Please call Carlyle Johnson before shipping us your clutch, brake or power transmission products. We will provide you with a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) for warranty items, or a Repair Authorization (RPR) for non-warranty items. The RMA or RPR number should be noted on the shipping label so we can properly identify your parts when they arrive at our facility.

Once your clutch or brake is received at the Carlyle Johnson factory, a qualified service technician will evaluate your clutch or brake.

Evaluation Process

Step Action
One The technician disassembles the unit and inspects each part for wear and damage.
Two In some cases physical testing may be required to determine the extent of the wear and/or damage to the power transmission products and/or components.
Three Upon test completion, the technician will write a report for the sales service agent.
Four The sales service agent will write a formal quote including the evaluation fee, repair parts, labor and estimated delivery for your power transmission products. We will also quote a new assembly so that you can compare the repair cost versus the replacement cost and the estimated delivery times.
Five Once we have received your authorization to proceed the repair work will be done.

In some instances our customers purchase new clutches, brakes or power transmission products and then send the field unit back to us for repair - allowing them to have a spare unit on their shelves.

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Submission Process

Power Transmission Products
Maintenance & Repair

If you have a clutch, brake or power transmission products you would like to send to The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company for service, please call our maintenance department first to alert them of the request.

  • Maintenance: 860-643-1531 ext 116

Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Service needed
  • Urgency of your requirement

We will provide you with:

  • An evaluation of fees
  • Estimated repair time
  • Any other estimated costs that may apply
  • Returned Goods Authorization (RMA) for warranty items or a Repair Authorization (RPR) for non-warranty items

When shipping your parts, please note the RMA or RPR on the shipping label.

Ship your component to:

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company
291 Boston Turnpike
Bolton, CT 06043
Ref.   ______________
RMA#   ____________
Ref. RPR#   _________

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