Power Supplies

Carlyle Johnson Machine Co utilizes a standard 90VDC power supply for over-energization, modulation, timed current reduction and other special applications. This unit can is used with Carlyle Johnson Electric products including:

Power Supplies

Please contact the applications department at 860-643-1531 (ext 116) for assistance.

Features of Power Supplies

While these power supplies are typically used in Carlyle Johnson Machine Co. clutch and brake components, they may also be utilized in outside applications.

It is important that installation can tolerate an input of 90VDC to 125VDC, unfiltered and unregulated, with a maximum current flow of 1.25 amps.

Power Supply Schematic


Before installing Make certain all power is off. Do not connect output lead wires to ground as it will result in damage to the unit.

  1. Connect clutch or brake lead wires to terminals 2 and 8.
  2. Connect clutch or brake leads of second unit (if used) to terminals 3 and 6.
  3. Connect control switch (supplied by customer) to common terminal 7. Connect remaining switch positions to terminals 3 and 8 as shown.
    Note: Switch must have a 120 VAC, 10 AMP (inductive) rating.
  4. Connect "hot" wire of 120 VAC line to terminal 1 & neutral wire of 120 VAC to terminal 5.

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Overview - Power Supplies

Specifications / Dimensions

  • Input: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase, 170 VA max
  • Output: 90 VDC nominal, 1.25 Amps max, Full wave rectified, unfiltered, unregulated
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°F to 122°F



  • Custom designs and alterations available

Additional Information

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