Clutch and Brake Disc Pac Modules (MDP)

Disc Pac Modules

Carlyle Johnson's Disc Pacs can be used with air, hydraulic, electric or manually-operated brakes and clutches.

Designed for flexibility in their application, MDP units allow you to build a customized component to your exact actuation and power transmission requirements. Most often MDP units are used as multiple disc clutches or brakes, an overload release clutches or a torque-limiting devices.

These compact, self-contained units key to the shaft, and are produced with Carlyle Johnson's patented Separator Springs, which provide maximal performance.

The separator springs prevent drag abrasion and frequent heating, and "free-floating" discs provide a positive neutral (1% of rated torque) - with minimal torque transmitted and no racheting.

Our experienced engineers can modify our standard clutch and brake Disc Pac Modules to meet your specifications, or we can custom-design and develop a new product to meet your specific needs.

Features of MDP Disc Pac Modules

CJM's Disc Pac Modules are shipped pre-assembled, and require no special tools for adjustment, assembly or disassembly. The design also allows worn assemblies to be easy rebuilt, as needed, using replacement parts which can be ordered from Carlyle Johnson. Please contact our parts/service department for order information.

Disc Pac Modules are available in eight sizes from 2" to 8" diameter, with over 100 variations to meet your needs. In addition, standard ring cups and driving flanges are also available.

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Overview - Disc Pac Modules


  • Assemble to your own specifications
  • Simplicity of design offers high versatility
  • Compact and self contained
  • Completely assembled
  • No special tools for installation or maintenance
  • Disc design and finish ensure maximum wear-ability and smooth engagement


  • Torque range 10 lb. ft.- 2400 lb. ft.
  • Separator springs assure a drag-free neutral
  • Standard lugs configurations vary from 3 to 12 lugs depending upon torque rating, splines are also available
  • Can be run dry or in oil


  • Available in 8 standard disc diameters
  • Splines available
  • Economical driving cups available
  • Economical flange cups available
  • Custom designs and alterations available

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