Manual Shifter Yokes, Shifter Shoes and Studs

Shifter Yokes, Shifter Shoes & Studs

Carlyle Johnson's Manual Shifter Yoke assemblies are available as a stock item for Mechanical Clutches and Brakes.

Yokes are available in sizes 21-28 and come complete with shoes and studs. Depending on your application, these manual shifter yokes can be ordered with our without a base.

Our standard manual shifter yokes are guaranteed to mate perfectly with Carlyle Johnson clutches and brakes. If you need a custom size shifter yoke, or common designs do not meet your requirements, contact our experienced engineers.

We can alter our standard products, or develop and manufacture a new shifter yoke that means your exact specifications.

Features of Shifter Yokes, Shifter Shoes & Studs

Should you choose to fabricate your own shifting mechanism, CJM's Manual Shifter Yokes will include a pair of our shifter shoes in the design. Our shifter shoes are fabricated from a slow-wearing material which is adaptable to any speed, ensuring they are suitable to your clutch's operation. When assembled, shoes should be attached directly opposite each other and allowed to float in the groove of the clutch shifting sleeve.

Manual shifter yokes are just one of the many power transmission parts Carlyle Johnson supplies. Customers often choose us as their single source for clutch and brakes units and parts. If you are custom-building a component, contact us regarding additional transmission elements including housings, gears and shafts.

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Overview - Manual Shifter Yokes, Shifter Shoes and Studs


  • Standard shifter assemblies available for all sizes of mechanical multiple disc clutches and brakes
  • Available in sizes 21 through 28
  • Compatible with all Carlyle Johnson clutches and brakes


  • Replacement shoes and studs
  • Shifter shoes commonly included in customer fabrication applications
  • Shifter shoes are adaptable to any operational speed


  • Custom designs available
  • Available with our without a base

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