Brake and Clutch Engineering,
System Design & Integration

Power Transmission Engineering & System Design

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company has over 100 years of experience in brake and clutch engineering. Our staff offers in-depth knowledge of these components - well beyond assistance on product selection. Customers rely on us in the development, design, manufacture and integration of their parts.

We frequently assist customers with brake and clutch engineering, research, design, prototype development and proof of principal.

CJM offers a full-time power transmission engineering department to assist customers with system design and product integration. We have earned a reputation as the industry leader in solving the toughest brake and clutch engineering challenges. Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your project – our team is ready to help.

Brake and Clutch Design & Integration Services

Carlyle Johnson's engineers have a broad range of experience in the power transmission field. We work with customers to ensure they receive components that meet their functional goals as well as spatial and operational requirements.

Brake & Clutch Engineering Assistance Provided
On a consultant basis On a specific project For system development
For design assistance On solving power transmission problems
On retrofit / upgrade assistance to utilize existing parts in new applications

Contact CJM at 860-643-1531 today with your specific needs. Customers rely on us for clutch and brake products, advice and assistance.

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Brake and Clutch Engineering, Design & Integration Services

Contact Carlyle Johnson to explain the specific goals, needs and applications of your project. You can reach us at:

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