Fail-Safe Multiple Disc
Spring Set Electric Brakes (FEA)

FEA Fail-Safe Electric Brakes also known as Spring Set Brakes

Fail-Safe electric brakes / electric motor brakes are a reliable, spring applied, positive acting brake that quickly starts a wide range of equipment.

Designed and manufacturing with extreme precision, these electric brakes (and electric motor brakes) have been thoroughly tested to deliver proven, dependable performance in many diverse applications - from heavy-duty machine tools to fragile assembly and packaging equipment.

Electrically operated, the brake's coil is sealed within a stationary housing which is supported on ball bearings.

A powerful electromagnetic force disengages the disc pack unit to provide a low-drag neutral. Internal compressive forces are contained within the brake and are not transmitted through the bearings. The radial magnetic flux path provides maximum torque throughout the life‚Ä® of the unit.

A significant portion of Carlyle Johnson Machine Co's production is devoted to the design and manufacture of special electric / electric motor brakes and integrated systems designed to specific user requirements. If you need specialized engineering solutions we have the experience and skills to meet your transmission challenge.

Features of FEA Spring Set Electric Brakes / Electric Motor Brakes

Carlyle Johnson's multiple disc spring set electric brakes are proven to provide long service life, and can be rebuilt without requiring any special tools. There are no slip rings, no brushes and no troublesome wiring issues that make repair difficult.

CJM's multiple disc spring set brakes also feature an adjustable end plate design. With few moving parts and a stationary housing, these remote-controlled brakes are effective in helping to protect personnel from accidents and machines from damage.

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Overview - FEA Spring Set
Fail-Safe Electric Brakes


  • Highly repetitive, spring-set brake
  • Unique end-plate design allows easy wear adjustment
  • Stationary field eliminates need for brushes and rings
  • Stationary cylinder assembly
  • Highest torque in the smallest space within the industry
  • Completely assembled, ready to install
  • No levers, cams or highly stressed parts


  • Torque range 12 lb. ft. - 600 lb. ft.
  • Positive engagement / disengagement possible at any speed
  • Exclusive long-life floating discs pack for low hear, low neutral drag and consistent release
  • Runs in both rotation directions, wet or dry
  • Spring applied, electrically released


  • Adjustable end-plate design
  • Custom disc pack design, special coils
  • Modified magnetic circuits
  • Variety of electronic controls available to provide slower or faster actuation and release as well as controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • Custom designs and alterations available

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