Multiple Disc Pulley Clutch (EPC)

Centrifugal Pulley Clutch

Carlyle Johnson's multiple disc electric pulley clutches - also known as sheave clutches - incorporate a standard electromagnetic multiple disc design with an oil shear principle to enhance service life.

Oil is squeezed from between the friction discs as the pulley clutch is engaged, and the shearing oil transmits the engagement torque. This process significantly reduces heat along the surface of the friction disc. The heated oil is then forced to the outside of the housing for greater heat dissipation.

EPC pulley clutches are often mounted on devices where the unit needs to be routinely disengaged from the main power source.

CJM is able to modify our standard EPC pulley clutches to meet your specific needs - rely on our experience to modify our existing production line or to build a custom pulley clutch solution.

Features of EPC Pulley Clutch Units

The EPC multiple disc electric pulley clutch is suitable for harsh applications, providing long life span due to its unique oil shear multiple disc design, with life expectancies greater than ten times that of single plate, dry clutches.

With a fully sealed, this pulley clutch operates in a bath of type A automatic transmission fluid, which helps to protect the component from damage from environmental conditions and wash-downs.

Designed to mount in minutes, EPC pulley clutches are proven dependable, largely due to a design that incorporates long-wearing self-adjusting multiple disc units, creating a pulley clutch that "really works" under tough conditions.

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Overview - EPC Pulley Clutches


  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Full-enclosed durable housing for easy outside wash down
  • Long-lasting lift expectancy greater than 10X single-plate, dry clutches
  • Easy Installations
  • Dependable disc design excels in demanding conditions


  • Torque Range 15 lb. ft. - 300 lb. ft.
  • Std. operating voltages 6 to 240 VDC
  • Self-adjusting multiple disc units
  • Mounts to a motor, pump or jack


  • Standard pulleys available
  • Several exterior finishes available
  • Custom designs and alterations available

Typical Applications

  • Gasoline engines
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Conveyors
  • Gear boxes

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