Zero Backlash Electrical Clutches (JEM)

JEM Electrical Clutches

Zero Backlash Jaw Electrical Clutches are designed to optimize size and space in your application. They are ideally suited for positioning, holding and indexing as well as for situations that require the unit to maintaining positive registration between an input and output shaft.

CJM jaw clutches are bi-directional, and operation is not dependent on rotation. Pins are available with these electrical clutches to permit single position engagement, making it ideal for printing, labeling and other special applications which require exact positioning.

Our experienced engineers can modify our standard electrical clutches for your needs.

We can also custom design a new product to meet your specific requirements. Our engineering department is just a call away, and we work with you to product a component to meet your exact application.

Features of the JEM Zero Backlash Electrical Clutch

Electric Jaw Clutches offer an array of operational features, making them an idea solution for complex operations. When disengaged, these electrical clutches do not transmit torque, allowing for a drag-free neutral position. The clutch's precision positional accuracy is extremely exact - .001 degrees for loads up to 10% rated torque. With bi-directional operation that supports both wet and dry applications, and a wide range of available torque, JEM Zero Backlash Electric Jaw Clutches meet a variety of applications.

JEM electrical clutches are available with either 24 or 100 volt DC coils as standard equipment, although other voltages are available to meet your order specifications. Carlyle Johnson stocks coils with voltages ranging 6 to 240 volts DC.

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Overview - JEM Electrical Clutches


  • Continuous rotor connection provides zero backlash*
  • Exclusive "Power Pack" control ensures quick-acting engagement and release
  • Highest torque in smallest space
  • Prolonged engagement / momentary disengagement
  • Hardened jaws have teeth of high-carbon alloy steel for positive tooth drive
  • Furnished completely assembled and ready to install on shaft


  • Torque Range 50 lb. ft. - 5,000 lb. ft.
  • Position accuracy .001° for loads up to 10% rated torque
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Drag-free neutral, no torque transmitted in the disengaged mode
  • Engaged fully by induced magnetic flux
  • Operates in wet or dry applications


  • Full range of tooth configurations for your indexing needs
  • Available as single or multiple position registration for timed applications
  • Available as spring set/electrically released for positioning and holding
  • Available in spring or electric actuation
  • Custom designs and alterations available

Additional Information

*Since there is some compliance in all mechanical systems, no clutch can deliver absolute zero backlash. CMJ offers a standard electrical clutches with backlash less than .001 degrees at 10% of rated torque.


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