Industrial Pneumatic Brakes

Industrial Hydraulic Air BrakesFor over a century The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company has manufactured quality power transmission products. Our product line includes a variety of standard industrial clutches and brakes, all of which can be modified to meet your needs and requirements.

Our industrial pneumatic brakes, also known as air brakes or hydraulic brakes, are often used in positioning and holding applications, and are ideal for indexing. Many of our pneumatic brakes offer bi-directional operation and can operate in wet and dry environments.

With torque ranges from 5-500 lb. ft. (torque depends on model), we likely have a pneumatic brake model that will fulfill your needs, though customized brake torque options are also available. For more information on designing your industrial air brake please visit our clutch and brake guidelines.

If you don't see the part you need here please contact us – many of our industrial hydraulic / air / pneumatic brake models do not appear in our standard catalog, and all of our brakes can be customized. Our experienced engineers are ready to design and manufacture the custom industrial brake you need, or build a complete power transmission system.

Industrial Hydraulic Air BrakeAt CJM we are dedicated to solving even the toughest power transmission challenge.

Industrial Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Air Brakes




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Overview - CJM Industrial Pneumatic Brake Services

Custom Parts & Modifications

In addition to our standard industrial pneumatic brake products, Carlyle Johnson can custom design and develop a new brake component to meet your specific needs. Our support services include:

Pneumatic Brake Service & UpgradeS

Carlyle Johnson works to ensure our pneumatic brakes provide a long operational life and deliver the best return. We repair and perform maintenance on all of our parts, quickly returning serviced industrial brakes to you.

We also routinely upgrade, retrofit and overhaul components, extending life spans or repairing units that are no longer available for replacement.

More on our industrial hydraulic, air and pneumatic brake:

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