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Carlyle Johnson's overload release mechanical clutch is comprised of our standard multiple disc mechanical clutch with overload release features. Designed to protect a machine and its products against damage from accidental overloading, when an overload occurs, the unit automatically disengages. When the jammed condition has been cleared the mechanical clutch can be reengaged and can return to operation.

The overload release occurs as a result of cams placed on the shifter sleeve and drive cup. When the mechanical clutch is overloaded the discs slip, causing the cams to come into contact, which forces the shifter or sleeve into a neutral position.

The overload clutch mates with a cammed drive cup on these mechanical clutches, and hub adapters are available if designed for a particular application. The cammed driving cup connects the overload release clutch with either the driven or driving device.

CJM can modify our standard overload release clutch products to meet your needs. Our engineering department can also design and develop new custom mechanical clutch to meet your specific requirements.

Features of MOR & ORI Overload Release Clutch Units

CJM's overload release clutch is designed for easy, on-line adjustment, allowing users to compensate for wear, and to adjust release settings over a wide range of torque values.

MOR and ORI mechanical clutch models are available in single-position and multiple position units, to provide accurate registration. Limit switches can also be incorporated into the power input line. This type of overload release clutch may be used on a continuous shaft, or as a cut-off coupling type for connecting two shafts.

Special overload release shifters are also available, for clutch sizes 20 – 26. Shoes and studs are available for all sizes, including 27 and 28, for riveting into shifter yokes that have been designed by the customer.

Carlyle Johnson can furnish the overload release mechanical clutch with ring type drive cup and hub adapters as a complete package designed for your application.

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Overview - MOR & ORI
Mechanical Clutch


  • Safety protection for operators and machines eliminates shutdowns
  • Easy on-line adjustment
  • Easy on-line manual adjustment allows for fine-tuning
  • Highest torque in the smallest space


  • Torque range 10 lb. ft.- 2400 lb. ft.
  • Recommended where excessive torsional loading from heavy shock or sudden over normal load are present
  • Automatically disengages – will not transmit any torque until reengaged
  • Drag-free neutral


  • Single position and multiple position units
  • Special overload release shifters available for sizes 20-26
  • Limit switches available
  • Custom designs and alterations available



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