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Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence Since 1884

For more than a century Carlyle Johnson has produced some of world’s most reliable and durable industrial clutches and brakes. We offer complete engineering support for our full line of standard and custom clutch and brake solutions, all of which can be designed for your unique application.

Our product line includes:

Largest Torque, Smallest Package

CJM products, including our brand, are recognized for performance in some of the toughest, mission critical applications. We operate with ISO 9001 and AS9001C quality standards and provide a variety of benefits including:

  • Torque ranges from <10 to 6,000+ lb/ft
  • Proven long-life performance
  • Single and multiple disc configurations
  • Exclusive long-life floating discs pack for low heat, low neutral drag and consistent release
  • A variety of controls that can provide faster and slower actuation and release, as well as controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • System design and integration
  • Complete engineering support


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Carlyle Johnson Machine Co
291 Boston Turnpike, Bolton CT 06043

  • Phone: 860-643-1531
  • Fax: 860-646-2645

To better respond to your needs, our sales and service teams are divided by application.

Aerospace / International / Power Generation / Military / Marketing Manager

US Commercial / Sales Manager

General Support

  • 860-643-1531 ext 116

Parts / Repairs

  • 860-643-1531 ext 116

Canadian Distributor - Drive-Line Inc

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