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EFS Electric Motor Brake

Carlyle Johnson's Multiple Disc Spring Set Brakes and electric motor brake units are suited for applications demanding fast, positive braking to stop machines.

These electric motor brake units are designed and built to provide unusually high torque for their compact size, and meet the braking requirements of a wide range of machinery.

The design of CJM's EFS Electric Brakes (and electric motor brakes) incorporates a multiple disc brake unit, which is kept compressed by radially-spaced coil springs between the armature and end plate, resulting in a constant "holding" force as long as the coil is not energized.

When energized, electromagnetic force flows through the flux path to override spring pressure, releasing the friction discs for drag-free shaft rotation.

Carlyle Johnson engineering staff can modify our standard electric brakes, or we can develop a new electric motor brake product to meet your exact specific needs.

Features of EFS Electric Brakes / Electric Motor Brakes

Furnished ready for use, Carlyle Johnson's EFS electric spring set electric brakes can be quickly installed by sliding the brake over the keyed shaft and bolting it to a frame member. Optional C-faced non-magnetic flanges are available which enable direct-mounting on C-frame motors.

EFS Fail-Safe brakes can also function as a torque-limiting device.

Leading Electronic Motor Brake Manufacturer

Carlyle Johnson has been manufacturing reliable and durable industrial brakes and clutches for over 100 years. We offer complete engineering support for our full line of solutions, and our products are customizable for your unique applications. If you have questions about our electronic motor brake units, or have another inquiry, our team is here to help. Contact us at 860-643-1531 or

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Overview – EFS Fail-Safe Electric Brakes & Electric Motor Brakes


  • Advanced design provides unusually high torque for their compact size
  • Fast, reliable, positive braking action
  • Free-floating, drag-free neutral
  • Furnished ready for quick, simple installation - no drive cups required
  • Can be easily interfaced with N/C and automated machines
  • Easily adjusted for wear – minimal maintenance costs


  • Torque range 3 lb. ft. - 1,000 lb. ft.
  • Actuation induced entirely by magnetic flux - 100VDC or 24VDC operation
  • Direct mounting on C-framed motors with optional C-faced non-magnetic flanges
  • Output torque can be adjusted over the unit's operating range


  • Other actuation voltages available
  • Special coils available
  • AC to DC power supplies are available
  • Custom designs and alterations available

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