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From surgical robotic arm clutches to imaging machinery brakes, Carlyle Johnson parts are used in many medical applications. We develop and manufacture components that meet strict order requirements and provide the highest torque in the smallest package. Our engineering team is ready to work with you on your specific medical clutch and brake application.


With both standard and custom designs available, CJM components can meet even the most unique medical installation and operating requirements. Many of our medical clutches and brakes use sound-deadening/dampening technology to reduce noise, providing quiet operation in sensitive medical environments. Our clutches and brakes are also well suited to the spatial restrictions required by complex medical systems.

For certain applications, CJM's medical clutches and brakes can be designed with special features to reduce debris and provide clean operation. Using special materials and housings that contain dust, our parts decrease and control contaminants that can be created from repetitive, frequent movement. To help our medical clutches and brakes operate as cleanly as possible, we typically avoid plating parts, often using solid stainless steel in their manufacturing.


To provide precise and dependable holding, we often use jaw clutches (also known as tooth clutches) for medical applications. These types of clutches reduce slippage that can affect some friction-type clutches and brakes.

CJM produces some of the industry's best positioning components, manufacturing clutches and brakes with zero backlash (our zero backlash components provide up to .001° positional accuracy for loads up to 10% rated torque). We also produce a variety of electric, mechanical and hydraulic components that deliver the accuracy and reliability required for critical medical applications.

Our experienced team has designed, developed and manufactured medical clutch and brake components for a variety of uses. With an expert, in-house engineering staff and state-of-the-art production technologies, we are ready to solve your specific challenge. Contact us with your medical clutch and brake needs.

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We are capable of providing clutch and brake components for virtually any application.


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