Regent Controls - SmartSense24 Clutch & Brake Wear Sensor


An Intelligent, Industrial Brake & Clutch Wear Sensor

SmartSense24 makes it possible to monitor, track and predict when brakes or clutches should be replaced, maximizing part lifespan and eliminating downtime.

The first product of its kind, SmartSense24 controls and monitors spring-applied, electrically-released brakes and clutches, increasing the lifecycle. The controller provides real time status and wear condition on an LED display by electronically sensing armature movement after power is applied. The amount of wear as a result of cycle rate usage is then translated to the display. In addition, SmartSense24 automatically controls the amount of voltage the brake or clutch is receiving – reducing the holding voltage up to 70% - which reduces coil heating when the brake is disengaged. SmartSense24 also emits a 24V output signal when brake/clutch movement has begun, verifying disengagement and enabling remote monitoring of the armature, allowing precise timing between brake/clutch disengagement and motor starting or stopping.

A visual warning display appears when the brake or clutch has fewer than 1000 cycles remaining, enabling proper timing for clutch or brake replacement and cost-containment. It is all-solid-state, with no relays or contacts to fail, and can reliably operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SmartSense24 is a proven reliable industrial brake and clutch wear sensor that allows engineers and system managers to optimize part lifecycles and prevent failure. Knowing the percentage of wear allows engineers and system managers to plan maintenance and avoid emergency repair costs that can occur when brake or clutch replacement is guesswork.

Regent Controls Clutch & Break Wear Sensor Datasheets
The SmartSense Brake or Clutch Status Monitor is a solid-state fast-response control for 90 or 24 VDC spring brakes. A display of the percent worn on the brake or clutch improves safety and reduces costs. By knowing how worn your brake is you can determine exactly when to replace it; not too early resulting in unnecessary down time and maintenance costs or too late resulting in catastrophic failure.

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