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Artic Tool & Engineering Company (ATEC)

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of ATEC, with operations in Warwick, RI. This 10,000 sq. ft. facility was established in 1971, is ISO 9001 certified and ANAB accredited.

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About CJM
A Leading Brake & Clutch Manufacturer

Carlyle Johnson Brake and Clutch Manufacturers

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company, LLC. has been in continuous operation for over one hundred years designing, developing and producing clutches and brakes. There are hundreds of thousands of applications where our products are in operation.

Unrivaled Clutch & Brake Performance

Customers rely on Carlyle Johnson parts - expecting great performance even with rigorous long-term usage. Since our inception we have sold over one million parts, and earned a reputation as one of the world's leading brake and clutch manufacturers. We are proud that the average service life of our components is greater than 15 years. It is not unusual for us to supply customers with repair and maintenance parts for clutches that have been running for 50 years.

Ready for your Toughest Design Challenge

Carlyle Johnson has succeeded by focusing on engineering - offering design support to our customers and determining better ways to produce power transmission products, no matter how complex the application. Even other brake and clutch manufacturers – our competitors - respect our engineering services, and frequently refer to us customers with difficult clutch and brake problems. Engineering talent runs deep throughout the company, and our management staff is comprised mainly of engineering graduates.

Modern & Efficient Manufacturing

Carlyle Johnson has always been in the forefront of technology, taking advantage of advances in materials as well as pushing the boundaries of design to meet the requirements of our customers. We utilize the latest techniques, including 3-D modeling and custom analytical software, to design clutches and brakes. We also have access to nationally recognized universities and research laboratories to expand the limits of our technology. We are committed to being one of the industry's best brake and clutch manufacturers.

A Skilled Team of Brake & Clutch Manufacturers

The CJM team is comprised of some the most experienced and skilled brake and clutch manufacturers in the word. Our engineering staff hold degrees in material science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, metallurgy and computer science. At Carlyle Johnson we have the engineering talent to assist customers in solving the most challenging power transmission problems.

Our quality control department provides special testing, unique inspection, advanced quality control should your order require it. We are dedicated to total order compliance.

Our design department is supported by experienced equipment operators, assemblers and operational staff that work to ensure our power transmission products are of the highest quality, and meet every order specification. Carlyle Johnson is dedicated to the solving today's toughest challenges, and to meeting the technological needs of those to come.

Production Highlights

Carlyle Johnson has provided parts for thousands of applications throughout our long history. Since 1903 we have earned a reputation as one of the world's best brake and clutch manufacturers. Recently we performed engineering research and prototype development for deep space applications with NASA, and ocean floor applications with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Our products can be found in many advanced robotic applications, as well as for the Tour de France vehicle competition. When you look at advanced engineering achievements in clutches and brakes, you will usually see Carlyle Johnson.